NYC Skateboarding School – John Jay Park

  We are very proud of Nilou and Julian for being so enthusiastic and working so hard. It was even more fun because they are brother and sister, just like their instructors, Jennifer and David. They were super focused and learned so much their very first lesson. Julian, like my brother, is fearless. He jumped right on and showed us his Casper he learned all by himself and it was very cool. After only a few tries with a little help, Julian found his groove he was off cruising with David back and forth in no time.

Like most girls who learn to skateboard, Nilou wanted to know everything first. Girls can be very good skateboarders, but often they need to understand how to relate to it. A good way for girls to relate to skateboarding is dancing and gymnastics. The way dancers and gymnasts use their arms in motion are similar to the techniques that skateboarders use to center themselves.

We tried a few simpleGirls love to Skateboard and safe techniques, using the mats and soft trucks. Then after a few tries holding fingertips she got it was able kick push coast on her own, then reverse kick to stop, tail tap, and even kickturn a little frontside and backside. Pretty impressive for a first day!




We had so much fun.

Keep practicing!

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