Indoor Skatepark – Gardensk8


Amazing skatepark in New Jersey that is only 20 Minutes from New York City

Indoor Skateparks in NYC and JerseyCheck back soon for winter skateboarding trips from Manhattan

This park is amazing but tight. It’s about 1,200 square feet and every inch of space was well thought out.   These guys didn’t take a chance leaving anything out.  Not for newbies when it’s crowded, so go early if your learning because it’s a great place to learn if you have the space to figure it out. 

The Crew – The Regulars

I only met a few of the guys that worked there and they were cordial.  Great skaters too.  It was late, there were a few regulars and they were really good, but polite.  No snakes and only one small casualty-free collision. 

Indoor Skatepark - New York and New JerseyKILLER Bowl

This BOWL IS OFF THE HOOK – has 11 ½ foot deep end, 7 foot shallow and a roll in/out that connects to almost every line in the park.  All Pool coping though there’s a smaller 3 foot drop in that connects to the small bowl that it doesn’t have any coping.

Mini Ramps

There are two mini ramps, connected by a spine.  Also has a roll in that also connects to the vert ramp

Street Course

Ok this whole place is pretty much a street course, because the pool, the mini ramps and huge vert wall connect to a ton of clever obstacles, banks and barriers, stair set, rails, boxes.  It’s totally creative, and flows really well. 

Vert Wall

Then there’s the 12 foot vert wall.  Dude these guys just seem to float in the air when the backside this thing.  It’s really something to see…  (I did a little kick turn at the bottem.)


321 Changebridge Rd
Pine Brook NJ 07058


  • Monday 12-10
  • Tuesday 12-9
  • Wednesday 12-9
  • Thursday 12-9
  • Friday 12-11
  • Saturday 9am -12pm* 2pm – 11pm Open Session
  • Sunday 9am -12pm* 12pm – 8pm Open Session

* (Parties and Kids under 10 ONLY)


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5 comments on “Indoor Skatepark – Gardensk8
  1. ???? says:

    ummmm m not a parent but i really want to learn how to skate >.<.but dont know where to get an teacher all can do is ride T^T cant do any tricks ill fall when i try any of it 10 Please teach me!!!im begging for it

  2. Gabriela says:

    i want to learn how to skate. i want to learn how to ride and a few basic tricks. i don’t want group lessons but private lessons. are there any and if yes how much?

  3. Ameer says:

    hay i really wonna learn how to go down ramps.. i would love group or privite lessions it really dosent matter..

  4. michael says:

    so im 14 that means i cant skate there… its winter over in manhattan and i want to keep my tricks on lock…

  5. marvin kainth says:

    hi im just wondering if u need a helmet and does it matter how old it is