Skateboarding Injuries – Most Common Diagram

What happens when you don’t Ninja roll?

Here’s a cool diagram to check out that shows the most common types of skateboarding injuries.  I don’t know.. I feel like I’ve done them all, except the super critical stuff.


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3 comments on “Skateboarding Injuries – Most Common Diagram
  1. Denis Lemek says:

    I am very surprised that tailbone injury is not mentioned as a common injury.
    I am the founder of Booty Guard,a tailbone protection pad.
    The pad was developed out of necessity when snowboarding .I believe it could be used to reduce injury to the very sensitive tailbone.Any suggestions who I should tell about
    this very needed item.

  2. Maria says:

    heyy, just wondering, where did you find the diagram of injuries? doing a report on this and wanted to find the primary source so I could cite it.


  3. Tanaxia says:

    hey im asking the same question as maria. can you email me asap thamk you for your support !!!!