Get Pop!! With The Wheelbone

Learn how to ollie faster and pop tricks higher!

Realllllllly good for beginner skateboarders and more reasonable then soft trucks.

Learn how to Ollie faster!The Wheelbone

Remembering how difficult it was for me to master the ever elusive ollie, I was a skeptic, I’ll admit it.  I owned a set of rubber trucks but they were so annoying to put on, that I had to dedicate a deck to it, then when I did, I never used it.  I actually found it harder to pop with the thick rubber trucks then with wheels and eventually abandoned the setup.

The Wheelbone is a simple skateboard accessory that straps over you’re the wheels of your board to prevent motion so that you can practice ollies and tricks without worrying about the board getting away from you. It’s design gives you a lot of extra pop.  So even if you know how to ollie, it’s the perfect way to work on your tricks.  I swear it works!

Hey Parents! Another great benefit: 

The thick urethane practically puts the mute button on clacking wheels!  So if your kids want to practice in the garage or basement, the racket won’t echo off the walls and make your head spin.

Our first experience:

It was snowing outside.  My brother and I were anxiously stir crazy and arguing in our apartment when the bell rang and the delivery guy gave us a surprisingly small flat package.  It was like a gift from the heavens!  Well the UK.   When we ripped it open, I threw my very strict “no skateboarding in the apartment – not even if you are just standing on it” rule right out the window.  

"It even looks bouncy." my brother says.

The Wheelbone was not easy to get on.  We did have to work together.  It would have my mother proud.  It didn’t take us long to figure it out either.  It came with really good illutrated directions.

Me first me first!

I’m older and I pay the bills, so I won the, who goes first, argument.  I always do.  That and "shot gun".

My brother called me a "baby"…

I was nervous about the floor rattling, so I ollied it pretty softly.  I didn’t even expect it to get off the ground honestly, but it did.  I was genuinely surprised by the pop it got!  I barely even tried. 

My brother was next and now I was really worried.  He’s not a little guy.  He ollied it higher by a long shot.  It was super quiet.

We spent about an hour between the two of us, then the neighbor downstairs finally had enough, trekked upstairs and kindly asked us to stop.  So I moved it to the stair well. 



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2 comments on “Get Pop!! With The Wheelbone
  1. danny qinones says:

    i was wondering if u guys could let me know where i could get 1 of these and how much does it cost. i would grately appreciate it and for ever consider u rad!!!

  2. admin says:

    Danny, I’m working on it! Jennifer