How to be a Skater Girl and not a Poser Sell out!

Represent don’t sell out.

Advice on getting past the beginner stage, without being too lame.


It’s not about the image, it’s about skateboarding!

There is no such thing as "halfass" in skateboarding, well there is, but trust me it’s the painful way to go.  You are either in it because you love it, or you are posing.  Pick the side of the line you really want to be in on and don’t hate.  The world needs posers to prove that you can’t always buy an image.. In skateboarding, you might just have to bleed for it.


People who "tell it like it is" usually don’t have a clue what they are talking about. 

They are out there, those punks who say the "tell it like it is" and that you are nothing if you can’t ollie.  Then when you can ollie they’ll tell you you’re nothing if you can’t kick flip. THEN when you learn to kickflip, they will tell you that your nothing if you can’t tre flip – SCREW WHAT THEY THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!  Learn at your own pace.   If you love it and obsess over it, there’s nobody who can ever tell you that you aren’t a skater.

Block everything out and FOCUS

Get yourself an MP3 player to tune out the jerks.  And a hat with a brim, so you focus solely on what’s in front of you.


Step 1 – Get a decent skateboard!

It doesn’t have to be new, it doesn’t have to cost a ton of money, you can order it online, use your brothers hand-me-downs, ask some skaters if they have some extra parts, (ASK ME FOR EXTRA USED PARTS) but it shouldn’t be a toy board.  NEVER NEVER NEVER Buy a Toy Board
Toy boards are:
  1. Cheaply made Sell outs with lousy quality particle board wood, crappy trucks, and bearing that don’t move.  
  2. A dead give away that you are a beginner and a guarantee that some jerk is going to make fun of you.
  3. EXTREMELY freaking DANGEROUS – I’m not kidding
  4. Talk to the guys at your local skateshop (not usually at a mall, but go with what you have)
  • I usually recommend a bigger board to begin with, with softer wheels for beginners.

Step 2 – Wear appropriate clothing and shoes.

Skateboarding and traditional girl’s fashion do not mix well. Reconsider your priorities!
**Safety Gear – You are not a poser if you wear safety gear!  It actually helps you to not be afraid of trying things! 
  1. Skirts, shorts, and leggings are not a good  idea (just plain stupid) when you are learning. Wear jeans or pants that can take a beating. not to tight either or stretchy.. you need to be able to bend down and reach your board with your hands.  
  2. SHOES – I see girls wearing these silly little ballerina shoes and open toe sandals and I want to scream.  It’s silly and stupid.  BUY BOYS SHOES!!!!!! They are so much better then the cheap garbage they market to wannabe skater girls.  I have to order my Size 5 Lakais online! Remember: Girls sizes are about 1.5 – 2 sizes smaller then boys. (I wear a 6.5 – 7 girls and have to look for Size 5 boys kicks.) You don’t have to buy kicks right away!!!  Just wear flat bottom sneakers with decent grip.  Canvas shoes aren’t bad, but they will fall apart quickly.

Step 3 – Be modest. 

  • Don’t act cool.  Don’t act anything.  Admit to yourself and the world alike that you are a beginner.  You are going to be awkward and fall, that’s cool, this is skateboarding YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO FALL.  Don’t make a big deal about it and try to get back up right away.  Skaters appreciate tenacity
  • Be honest and humble about your abilities and other skaters will respond better to it.   
  • Ask questions! The best advice comes from those who have been there before. When you get good, remember where you came from. Don’t be a punk.

Step 4 – Skate Parks!

Some guys will say, don’t go to a skate park right away, that people will think you are a poser. Screw them.  

Try out a Skate park when it’s quiet. –  If you spend a couple hours alone in a skate park you can try things that you can’t try anywhere else. 

Just remember that there is Skate Park Courtesy*.
    1. Learn how to roll in – Bend your knees, keep your shoulders parallel to the board, and roll down a transition. Remember, if you get scared: Go with it – skate it out, you’ll be ok.
    2. Learn how to pump on transition – Remember to bend your knees as you get to the ramp transition, as well as when you are about to change directions. That’s twice on both sides of a mini ramp of halfpipe.
    3. Dropping in – The scariest beginner thing to get over.

Step 5 – The ollie

The ollie is something that you will try from the beginning and it will frustrate the ever living life out of you, until you get it.

There’s not much more that I can say about that, for now.  Except that you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself if it doesn’t come right away.

Step 6 – Don’t pay too much attention to boys.

I get it.  I’m a girl.  I like boys.  But this is not a social hour!!!  Skaters are there to skate.  If you pay too much attention to them, then you’ll forget what you are there for and they won’t take you seriously.  Boys will always be there and trust me, they’ll pay attention. 

Try really hard to learn something new and make the most out of the time you get to skate and they will see you as a skater and not a wannabe.

Step 7 – LEARN about skateboarding.

Read online about different pros and skateboarding in general.  Here a couple of places to start

The Berrics: 

Only the goto place of all things really freaking cool about skateboarding.  You should check out myberrics if you want to make skater friends, share experiences, etc.  &

Check out theberrics trickipedia to watch videos about specific tricks:

View my page on My Berrics –

My boy Steve Cave has TONS of advice on just about everything.

Check him out.

Skater Time: The time period when skaters generally skate (2:00PM-??????), as well as the idea that skaters are completely unreliable when it comes to being on time or starting an event on time or even showing up at all.


Sites about girl skaters:


The Side Project!

Chica Rider!

Skater girls

Skater girls





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5 comments on “How to be a Skater Girl and not a Poser Sell out!
  1. raven says:

    aww you guys are awesome . i thought girl skaters cant go far cause they say girls cant go jumping around. but hey thanks fr th beginner advices [; appreciate them

  2. julia says:

    rly good advice…:)

  3. Jasmine says:

    thats really good advise and i am going to use it
    to get more into skating and just not letting anything
    Hold me back cause its what i want to do!!! so thank
    you for the advise!!

  4. Jennette says:

    Awww man thank you!! You guys are awesome!! I get really frustrated when I can’t do something but I’ve been skatin for a while now!! Nice to know there’s ppl like me!! 😉

  5. I am impressed by your writing

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