Skateboarding Camps on the East Coast

Skateboarding Camps

Skateboarding camps are great places learn about skateboarding and interact with other kids who are learning.  This list, recommended by Steve Cave from, should help you find the place for you!

1. Zero Gravity Roller Sports

Overnight skateboard and inline skate camps for beginners and intermediate athletes in Vermont. Zero Gravity Rollersport Camps daily training starts each morning with a full stretching and flexibility session. There is a warm up period or "open skate" followed by an instruction time where everyone learns new skills and techniques and campers are encouraged to try new tricks.

2. Woodward East and Lake Owen

Camp Woodward has locations in California, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Camp Woodward is all about action sports, with camps focused in skateboarding, BMX, inline, snowboarding and skiing. Woodward is a huge camp, with lessons June through August, vert lessons, and the ability to stay for long periods if you want to.

3. Waterville Valley

Located in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire. For close to ten years now, Waterville Valley has provided a skate park for the public. Since 2000 we have been developing a legendary skate camp, with a wide variety of terrain catering to all levels of skaters from beginning to extreme. Loaded with every opportunity to step up your skills. Beginners feel like locals and can quickly become a part of the scene.

4. Skatelab

Located in Atlantic Beach, Florida (and also in Florida), Skatelab is a skatepark facility that also offers skateboarding classes and skate camps. The Skate School is geared towards beginner or novice skateboarders, and run during the weekend. The Skate Camps are 4 days long, and there is one in June, one in July and one in August.


5. Frenchwoods

In NY, Frenchwoods features indoor skate park for skateboarding with high quality instruction. Also features other activities – A skater can spend 3-12 weeks seriously improving their skills, and while they’re there, they can take violin lessons, or play in a rock band, or….


6. Rye Airfield

Ramp Camp is in Rye, New Hampshire. Rye has classes, clinics and camps all year long, with a unique approach to teaching skateboarding. Rye Airfiled promises a custom made learning experience for any age and ability level.


7. Camp Skateboarding Explained

The camp that goes along with the hit dvd, Skateboarding Explained. This camp is held at Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp, and offers it’s own unique method of skateboarding instruction.


8. All Star Adventures

Lessons in Oregon, North Carolina, California, Colorado, Grand Cayman Island and Australia. They offer 4 to 11 day skatepark tours with the pros for teens, and day camp in Denver Colorado for all ages. Check out the site for more. From All Star – "All Star Adventures instructors are professionally trained and love to share their knowledge. We specialize in small groups making sure that every camper skates away with new skills and tricks. Did we mention FUN!? Fun is the number one priority of each day. We make sure that each camper receives individualized attention."



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