Longboarding Lessons in New York City

Learn how to Longboard

Whether you just want to try it out a longboard to see if you like or if you already have a longboard and want to breeze through the basics, Contact Us and we’ll get rolling in no time.  By the end of the first lesson you’ll be surprised how confident you’ll feel.

Try out a Bustin Board before you buy one.

Longboarding New York City

Longboarding is a form of skateboarding that uses a longer, flexible board and bigger wheels to let the rider "surf" on concrete.  It is a smooth ride compared to a trick deck and much easier to learn how to ride.  Snowboarders and surfers would get a great deal of off season training and just plain cruisin in.

bustinboards.com is one the only local brand that specializes in affordable incredibly high quality customizable cruiser skateboards and longboards. 

Who can longboard?

Almost Anybody.  Learning how to longboard is generally a much easier then learning how to skateboard.If you’ve just bought a longboard or are even just considering buying one then consider taking a couple lessons too.  We know all the tricks to learning fast and before you know it you’ll have found the next love of your life.

Am I too old to start longboarding? 

No.  Absolutely not.  Never. 

Especially if you are parents who have kids that want to skateboard because the great thing about longboarding is that it is a smooth flowy ride.  Unlike your typical trick deck, longboards usually have bigger softer wheels that cruise over rough asphalt and sidewalk cracks, and carve easily into turns, making smooth Control and turning is an easy.   Contact Uptown Skate School for more information

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