How to throw a Skateboard Birthday Party

Want to be the coolest Mom/Dad ever?

Skateboarding is a great theme for any party simply because kids love it.

Tony's Skateboarding Birthday

Happy 9th Birthday Tony!!

After taking the wrong train, we finally made it up to Yonkers, where our friend Tony was having his 9th birthday in his back yard.   Ramps are fun, but you don’t really need them.  You don’t even need a particularly large space to have a skateboarding party, but it helps to have a flat surface. 

Skateboarding Lessons & Demos

Skateboarding Birthday Party

If you are in New York, then of course you can hire the Uptown Skate crew to come and entertain your kids, while teaching them tricks that are at thier level.  

Skateboardin Birthday PartyIf your not a NYer (and don’t want to fly us out.. ha ha!) then check with your local skateparks, often the indoor ones host parties.  If you are hosting the party yourself in your back yard, you could even stop in at a skateshop or skate park and ask some of the employees if they know of anybody who would like to make a little extra money to come out put on a little demo.

If it’s not in your budget or you just can’t hire somebody, then don’t worry.  Kids are great, they will teach each other.  Also consider having a skateboarding instructional movie like Dan MacFarlane’s Skateboarding Explained available. 

High Energy = Great Party

Tony and his friends were super stoked, which got us stoked and they were so into skateboarding that we had to drag them away for cake and ice cream.


Speaking of Cake:  The Skateboarding Cake

Skateboarding Birthday Cake

Buy it or Make it Yourself

There are several ways you can make your own skateboarding cake.  Mecedes, Tony’s mom, had this one made by an amazing local bakery, the bottem anyway.  She got creative and added the skateboading lego set herself, which made for an awesome and yummy centerpiece.

Fun activities, besides just the skating

Oil-based paint can be used to tag the grip tape of the kids boards and helmets, which is always fun.  Plus there’s some games that any level of skater can play, like Butt Boarding and Push Your Friend on the Board Races.

Stickers, Party Favors and Reward Gifts

Stickers are the currancy of skateboarding and they are cheap!  You can find skateboarding stickers at any of your local shops or even order them online.  Mercedes had some awesome give aways for the kids that included Tony Hawk T-shirts, Tech Deck ramps, and Lego ramps.

Hey Buddy!  Where’s your helmet?

Nothing makes a party go from awesome to bummer like an injury. 

So don’t forget to remind parents to bring helmets and pads. Most skateparks require kids to where safety gear, so don’t let them talk you out of it.  Helmets and pads actually help beginners progress faster because they are less afraid to fall.

Thank you!

I just want to give a special thank you out to Tony, Josh, EJ, Ethan, Rubin and the rest of the kids that made the party so much fun.  Also, the super cool Mom and Dad of the year award goes to Tony and Ethan’s parents.  Thank you for having us!


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  1. Thanks for the great tips for planning a skateboarding party. My son loves to skateboard, so I’m throwing him a skateboard party. I love, love, love the cake. I’m going to try to make it myself. I hope it turns out ok!

  2. sabah says:

    do u know any body in abudhabi that can do the same

  3. parties are of course very enjoyable, i would never miss a good party specially if it has some great program ,,.

  4. Mum in awe says:

    What a great page!!!! Great Info!! Our daughter was a guest at a birthday party that your team led. She had an amazing time and we were so impressed at how well you worked with the kids at every level, giving everyone a taste of success and excitement.

  5. aleena says:

    where did you buy the legos for the cake topper????