Skate-Aid in Afghanistan

There’s no doubt in my mind that skateboarding adds to the quality of my life.  Perhaps because I’m older and have this "live it now why you still can" attitude that is fueled by the absolute addiction to something so… fun?  free?   It’s self-driven, it’s a connection to the community.  The people you come in contact with… 

I saw this SLAM Skateboarding Magazine’s website and  I thought it so cool..


Skateistan is a movement designed to bring skateboarding into the lives of the youth of Afghanistan. It began a couple of years ago when three aid-workers started skating with the locals in Kabul and has quickly transformed into a phenomenon that has transfixed heads around the world. In the war torn streets of Kabul prejudices are rife and communities are heavily segregated. The Skateistan project is trying to overcome this by inducing interaction between divided communities via skateboarding. Morgan Campbell has recently volunteered to join the group to try and up their public profile. Other skate luminaries who are involved include Renton Millar and Chad Ford.

See more about this positive project and find out how you can contribute at


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