Skateboarding Tips: How to Drop In

It takes an leap of faith and utter desire

            How to Drop In            It’s that season, where skateparks all over the city are open all week.  One of the fundamental things to learn if you want to skate in a park is How to Drop in.  Before you learn how to drop in though, it is helpful to understand how to ride a skateboard, as well as, how to pump transition.

Uptown Jenn’s how to video debut:  Check out the video instructor, Jennifer did for  How to Drop In Video.

Dropping In the First Time Is Scary

Learning to drop in at the skatepark or on a ramp is one of the hardest things in skateboarding because it takes guts to try it and the will to commit, but if you really want to ride at the skatepark or on a ramp, you will need to master dropping in on your skateboard.

Wear Safety Gear!

You will probably fall – wear full safety gear.  Unlike street skating it is very common to see skaters in a park wearing full gear.  This is because vert riders will harmlessly fall to their knees when they go down in a park. 

What is Dropping In? – Dropping in on a skateboard is how most skateboarders will enter bowls, skateparks and vert ramps. At the top edge of skateboard ramps and along the edges of bowls there is a rounded raised lip called the "coping". Being able to drop in allows skateboarders to go from stranding on the edge of the coping, straight into skateboarding with a lot of speed down the ramp.

Start at the bottom

Skate around the bottom and get a feel for the transition (ramps).  Concrete and Masonite are very different to skate, so get used to it first before you take the plunge.  If you’ve never ridden a ramp, you may find this difficult.  Try bending your knees as you go up the ramp and come back fakie (Backwards).

Pump yourself up

What is pumping?  Pumping is building momentum by bend your knees two times on each side of the ramp.  You bend as you approach the ramp, lift yourself up by straightening your legs and raising your arms, and then bend your knees again as you change directions.    You can spend weeks doing this if you want to and you’ll find yourself getting a great workout too!

Visualize it

Everything in skateboarding starts with the imagination.

It’s best to Get up there and take a look down the transition, across the bottom and up the other side.  Get an idea of how you see yourself dropping in, skating across and jumping out on the other side. 

Have a plan..

Now, imagine yourself doing it.  Nothing fancy, just dropping in.  Every skater has been here before, so don’t worry, even the best skater can relate.

….and get up there already!

In a mini, just jump out on the other side. 

  • Regular – step out with your back foot (the right one) while your front foot (the left one) drags up the board.
  • Goffy – step out with your back foot (the left one) while your front foot (the right one) drags up the board.
  • Mongo – Dudes, I have no idea. 

In a bowl, set a course based on how you like to turn, etc.  Bend your knees and ride it out.

On a quarter pipe – ride it out.  Don’t lean back.

It helps to watch other skaters do it, but don’t lose sight of   Watch their arms and knees,   Watch the wheels hit the transition.  Watch them roll across and pump into the transition.

Set Up

Put the tail of your skateboard on the coping (the metal at the top edge of the ramp) with your back wheel hanging over the edge, into the ramp.  Step on the tail with your back foot and hold the board there there while your front foot is on the deck next to you.

Place your foot

Don’t wait to long to do this step or the following, but when you are ready, put your front foot over the front bolts of your skateboard.  Don’t put it too far forward in the concave of the nose.

Lean forward…

Don’t wait to long so that your head can tell you to pick up your board.   

..keeping shoulder’s parallel to the board…

If you stiffen up, your body becomes vulnerable.

Always, always, always have your shoulders in line with the board while keeping your body relaxed. even if your frantic in the brain –  knees bent, arms and shoulders loose.  Don’t forget to use your arms to help you balance.

…and stomp

The most typical mistake is to lean back. 

Make sure those front wheels hit the surface of the ramp!    Panic will urge you to freeze or even mentally try to go back to where you came from.  Make a note commit and to ride it out!  Keep your posture loosy goosy. 

Step out

It’ll be fast, but don’t worry because you have a plan.  

Commit!  Bend your knees and ride it out. 

If you make, awesome!   Do it again.  And again.  And again.

If it doesn’t go well, don’t give up.  Try to learn from it.  Did I lean to far forward or too far back? Get up there and try it again.

Don’t beat yourself up.  Dude, even if you don’t try it this time, don’t be down on yourself. 

It takes an leap of faith and utter desire. 

You’ll think about it all day and dream about it all night until you try it next time.  No matter how long it takes you, just keep skating and stay stoked on it.  Don’t let anybody else get you down and have fun. 

Always remember skate park ettiquette.


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