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By Cyrine Joaristi on May 26, 2009


Uptown Skate School

Uptown Skate School

Ever wondered what to do in Yorkville this spring with two energetic kids? Well, stop scratching your head. Being my self the proud mom of two adorable (but never tired kids), I have it covered.

Since spring is back, Carl Schultz Park offers some skateboarding classes every Sunday at noon on their basketball court or in the shady alleys of Central Park (entrance at 76th and 5th). No need to show up with an all-geared-up-kid; they’ll provide the boards as well as the knee, elbow and wrist protection. You will just need to bring a helmet. And believe me, they’ll need all these. If there’s just one garbage can in a half mile radius, your kids will crash into it.

The classes are super fun and laid back, taught by Jennifer and David, two pros who will really get your children hooked up from class one. From belly board races to balancing boards, your kids will be able to skate in less than five lessons and master that cool street dude attitude. You’ll need to call ahead. Jennifer Willis, the owner of the uptown skate school, takes reservations so she’ll make sure there’s a three kid per instructor ratio.

But don’t try to get on one of these things yourself; I almost broke my wrist while trying to impress my kids, ending up embarrassing them and getting that “what on earth were you thinking???” look from my husband.

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