$35 Skateboarding Lesson – Summer in the City

Uptown’s Skateboarding School

NYC Summer Discount

Due to popular demand this offer is Extended for ONE MORE WEEK!

$35 Private Lesson (Reg. $65) – It’s Over!!!! You missed it!

Ride a skateboard for the first time or learn how to perfect that trick.

$35 Skateboarding Lesson in New York City





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4 comments on “$35 Skateboarding Lesson – Summer in the City
  1. jennifer says:

    do you know how to fake a ollie?

  2. Brian Betack says:

    Im 16 years old i know how to ride but i have trouble on my ollie. i know how to pop shuvit but the board slips away will your progam help me?

  3. michael says:

    Im only 10 and i only know how to do that thing when ur boards upside down and one foot is underneath it and the other is over the top then u jump and land on ur board the rightside up oh and i suck at moving on the board plz anyone help me do an ollie aswell i tried sliding my foot up the board and it just stays on the ground if u can help me thnx oh and ur means your and u means you.

  4. admin says:

    It’s called a casper flip! Keep at it.