What education can learn from Skateboarding

A quick video featuring Guim Cardona, Billy Rohan, Joseph Gomez, Steve Torrado, and Jennifer Willis

I particulary like what Billy said about the Physics of a kickflip. Check it out.

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3 comments on “What education can learn from Skateboarding
  1. LEVI says:

    how do you learn to ollie a SKATEBOARD!!!!

  2. LEVI's answerer says:

    LEVI, you push up on your tail and then up on your front and so that makes it go up. There you have done an ollie!it is F****NG easy!

  3. yes you push up on your tail…I’m pretty sure you mean down and there’s alot more to the ollie than just pushing on the tail and nose……But you obviously don’t know how to teach skateboarding so you posted a VAGUE DOUCHEBAG answer…..Levi go to skateboarding.about.com and check out the trick tip videos we put up that should help