Longboarding Event: 10/10/2009 The Broadway Bomb

The 2009 Broadway Bomb is HERE! This Saturday meetup with 300+ Longboarders in Harlem at 116th st and Riverside park @10:30. The Race will start down Broadway at 12 pm.

If you haven’t heard the Broadway Bomb is an 8 mile race with several hundred of your closest Longboarding friends. The race goes straight down the center of Manhattan in full traffic. Racers are advised that an assembly of this size on the road is not strictly lawful and should stay aware of authorities and take appropriate precautions.

Anyone who can’t make the full ride is welcome to meet at union square at Noon and join the pack going down. Though don’t try and out pace Theseus as he passes leading the pack, that’s just bad form.

Helmets are more than recommended. Everyone who can should come out and join this monumental event and meet some awesome boarders! Be safe and Ride hard!

Broadway Bomb website

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