Maloof Money Cup Groundbreaking!

The World’s Fair of NYC Skateboarding Events.

An enormous thanks to sponsors Joe Maloof, Vans and Volcom for putting up the funds and coming out to Queens with California Skateparks to begin work on amazing new park that will host the Maloof Money Cup June 5th & 6th.

What a park like this means to New York City skateboarding is substantial. The design, as Geoff Rowley says, “Is inspired by the vibe and aesthetics of the city.” The concept also lives up to the grand ideals of the space it will occupy.

The park is going to be unique on every level. It will be built into the old Astral Fountain and most of the actual fountain will be used as part of the park. After the contest, Maloof Park will be donated to the New York City Parks Department and may be enjoyed by skaters for generations to come.

For local skaters and filmers, you’ll freak!

The park will not be gated or regulated. The footage will be spectacular and the backdrop is amazing. Pictures are coming..

“The eyes of the Fair are on the future – not in the sense of peering toward the unknown nor attempting to foretell the events of tomorrow and the shape of things to come, but in the sense of presenting a new and clearer view of today in preparation for tomorrow; a view of the forces and ideas that prevail as well as the machines.” – From the original World’s Fair pamphlet.

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