What skateboard is perfect for you?

Skateboard shopping can sometimes be very intimidating and confusing.  There are so many different brands, types, shapes, and sizes. Which one is perfect for you?

The first step is to go to a local skateshop.  Local skateshops usually carry legitimate brands, which makes a huge difference in your skateboarding experience.  The pre-set up skateboards (those on the rack already set up) are usually cheaper and good for beginners.  For a more custom and advanced board (suggested!) pick out each part of the skateboard individually.  A complete street skateboard should run you around $110-140 and a complete longboard is around $170-250 depending on the brand and where you purchase it.

Uptown’s instructors favorite street skateboard

5boro deck: size 7.8in

Independent trucks         Spitfire wheels          Rockstar Bearings   Mob griptape
size 139 standard             size 52mm                  ceramics

Other highly recommended products are the Ricta Clouds wheels 57mm (which are great for beginners or cruiser boards), Bones Swiss Bearings, and ProTec safety equipment.

Uptown’s instructors favorite longboard

Bustin- “Spliff” longboard (31″) is great for beginner to advance longboarders

Original- “Hybrid 35″ longboard (35”) turns on a dime! It is a extremely truck flexible board that gives a a surf-like experience. Only recommended for advance longboarders.

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