How Lil Wayne started skateboarding

Lil Wayne started skateboarding with Uptown Skate School instructor Adam Z

In the summer of 2011 Lil Wayne reached out to Uptown Skate School for a personal skateboard instructor to teach him how to skate. So we sent out our best, Adam Z!


Left: Adam Z and Lil Wayne
Right: Adam Z and his son and Lil Wayne

Adam has been with Uptown for many years and was the perfect fit for the job. In the past year Adam has traveled the world- going everywhere Wayne goes including all his world tours. He has even relocated to Florida to be Wayne’s full time skate instructor/manager.


Throughout the year Wayne’s skateboarding skills have improved tremendously with the help of Uptown Skate School. Uptown prides itself on having highly qualified staff to make your skateboarding experience the best it can be.

Video of Lil Wayne, Adam Z, and Jordan Garland
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