Jennifer Loughran



Jennifer is the founding owner of Uptown Skate School and has been teaching kids and adults how to skateboard for over ten years. She has even worked with lil Wayne, and many other presstigious clients, colloborated with some of the biggest names in skateboardig, but keeps her business and attitude down to earth. Her goal is to make skateboarding accessible to anybody who wants to skate, which is she works with NYC parks department to organize free skate clinics in low income areas, as well as, donates her time, offering free skateboarding lessons to public charities, non profit organizations, as well as, foster kids and at risk youth.

Jennifer has been featured on, Time Out New York, The Daily News, CBS News, and AM New York

Feel free to contact (call or text) Jennifer at 917 822 3740 if you have any questions.


Lorena Lima has been Uptown’s head skateboard instructor in the New York City and New Jersey area since 2009 and is now co-owner of the company along side Jennifer Loughran. Lorena teaches every type of lesson ranging from beginner-advanced in skateboarding and longboarding, and also is Uptown’s tour guide in the “New York City Skateboarding Tour.”

She started skateboarding in 2001 and just five year later she was competing professionally in all the major skateboarding contests worldwide, including X-Games, Dew Tour, and the Maloof Money Cup. In the past few years she has hosted numerous events to help inspire skateboarders, especially female riders, by providing free skateboard instruction and contests in countries like Spain and Brazil.

Today she continues to travel all over the world to host her own skate clinics/contests, compete in professional competitions, and participate in various events. Lorena is represented by big sponsors such as 5boro Skateboards, Etnies shoes, Spitfire Wheels, Rockstar Bearings, and NJ Skateshop.


X-Games                                 Maloof Money Cup             Dew Tour


GVR                                        MTV / TRL Contest               Supergirl PRO


Rockstar Masa Pro



Skateboard Mag                   Focus Mag                           Brazilian Voice
Ollie bump                            Nosegrind                            Ollie over girl

Red Bulletin                           Strange Notes Video             FORTHEKREW Mag
X-Games                                 NJ commerical                       Feeble to fakie


Rockstar Video                       Dogway Magazine
Full part                                   High frontboard slides


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