Skate Lessons

Private/Semi Private Lessons  Pick up and/or Drop -off Available

Skateboarding Lessons in ManhattanPrivate Lessons – One on one personal skateboarding instruction at a location convenient to you.

Uptown Skate School provides private and semiprivate skateboarding lessons at your own home or local park and we do our best to provide an affordable, safe and fun learning experience geared towards the student’s own ability! Our highly qualified instructors make a real difference. Private lessons are for anyone ages 5 and up, male or female.

$65/ Single 1hr Session

$120/Two Pack

$225/Four Pack

  • Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced
  • Skateparks and other locations available

Semi Private Lessons – Like Private lessons for more then one student with reduced rates .  Can be sibblings, friends, or an organized group of students.

Semi-Private: $40/Skater

Longboarding Lessons

Whether you just want to try out longboarding to see if you like or if you already have a longboard and want to breeze through the basics, Contact Us and we’ll get you rolling in no time.  By the end of the first lesson you’ll be surprised how confident you’ll feel.

Advanced Lessons & Skate Park Excursions

When parents think of skateparks, they often imagine a dangerous environment where skateboards and kids are flying around uncontrollably.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  There are the park rules, which clearly state safety regulations and then there is: Skater’s Etiquette. Most skateboarders are generally very considerate and always look out for each other, especially kids.  Most are willing to pass on wisdom and advice about confidence and technique.  They also adhere to rules of respect and waiting turn.

Helmet, Knee and Elbow pads required for anybody under 18.


NYC Skate Tour

2 Hours: $130

3 Hours: $180

Get an epic skateboard tour of some amazing spots without all of the hassle of trying to find them. No need to feel intimidated with our crew who are very familiar with the spots and skaters in the area.


Birthday Parties

Uptown Skate School knows how to throw a party. Our rates are:

1-4 Kids: $50/Per Student

5+ Kids: $40/Per Student.

We bring skateboards, safety equipment, all kinds of goodies, as well as a special gift for the birthday skater.

Activities include:

  • Skateboarding Instructions
  • Skateboarding Games
  • Races (Safety comes first)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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