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Free Skateboarding Lesson!

We Pay for Good Grades Earn $10 for every A on your Report Card! In credit, toward a skateboarding lesson, that is.  All A’s will get you a free skateboarding lesson! We at skate school, recognize the hard work it

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Free Guide to Skateparks

How can I get a skatepark in my town? NOTE: What follows is the foreword and introduction to the printed edition of the Public Skatepark Development Guide. The entire online publication is available on skatepark.org. For a free copy of

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Skateboarding in School

Skateboarding kickflips into PE By Tracy Loew, USA TODAY Download PDF Article  View USA Article Skateboarders aren’t frowned on at Oak Elementary School in Albany, Ore. In fact, students there get credit for performing grabs, kickturns and ollies in class.

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