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Girl Skateboarders: Go glam on their own terms.

Tokidoki and Sephora invite the ladies to come skate at the NYC product launch of their collaborative new make up line. Tina Parol was just killing the mic with "Who’s Got Your Money" while Lorena and Desiree casually played in

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King of Spring

Spring has sprung and Open Road of New York is hosting the King Of Spring Skateboard Showdown at Thomas Jefferson Park in NYC on Saturday, April 17th. Billy Rohan, Alex Corporan, and Chad Muska will be there keeping things hyped.

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Groundbreaking – Maloof Money Cup NYC 2010

Breaking Ground at the Astral Fountain, Flushing Queens Official NY Course Design Released MALOOF MONEY CUP NY COURSE DESIGN RELEASED START OF CONSTRUCTION SIGNALS COUNTDOWN TO FIRST-EVER MMC BIG APPLE CONTEST! NYC Event Set for June 5-6, 2010 in Flushing

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2010 Video Contest: Best NYC Line

Best Line in New York Clip Contest Skate NY. Film Your Line. Win Cash. Check it out: http://www.nyskateboarding.com/ HOW TO ENTER Film a line (series of consecutive skateboarding tricks) no less than 3 tricks and no more than 8 tricks

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Free Skateboarding Lesson!

We Pay for Good Grades Earn $10 for every A on your Report Card! In credit, toward a skateboarding lesson, that is.  All A’s will get you a free skateboarding lesson! We at skate school, recognize the hard work it

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